IR3 3D Printer That Can Integrate Non-printable Components

Buzz Technology Limited’s 3D printer design is based on standard FDM technology but it can also reach for parts from a tray and integrate non-printable components into a 3D printed object.

The components of 3D Printer can include electronic modules, wheels, electric motor power drives, cameras, sensors, remote control and all kinds of stuff so that at the end of the production process you could get a working 3d printed device. They have demonstrated it on a toy car where the frame was 3D printed with different filaments and then the powered wheels modules placed in it.

3dprinting-historyThis is a a new approach in commercial machine but many questions remain open. It would be interesting to see what type of software drives it and what is the g-code behind magnetic embedding arm or how does one program what part to take out of the tray and where to place it.

Modeling everything and getting it to work seems like a very complex endeavor for a skilled CAD operator or designer but the idea behind it is to use some sort of manual g-code adjustments that will be learned in company webinars. The wiring of the parts is also not shown in detail so the parts are highly likely stand-alone modules but there are three nozzles that can, in theory,  extrude plastic, conductive and support / separation materials so electrical connections could be made with some sort of conductive material.

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