Using Custom Printed T-shirts as Advertising Tool

Using custom Printed t-shirts as advertising tool is not new neither will it go out of trend. The use of branded t-shirts(Another Name for custom Printed t-shirts ) for promotion or for awareness Campaigns for an awareness campaign has been popular for a long time and is still relevant today. Various organizations, including corporate organizations have leveraged on this highly affordable and cost-effective means of advertisement to market products and create awareness.

Using custom Printed t-shirts as advertising tool among the other means of business promotion strategies is as far reaching as it is effective for one because custom Printed t-shirts is an ever on-the-go key to advertising and as well custom Printed t-shirts  are attention grabbing especially when There’s a creative catch to the design. To be able to actually catch the attention of people, your Customized t-shirt in Nigeria  branding has to be done with professional touch and style, and that is why we are here for you. We make the best custom printed t-shirts and we can supply bulk to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

Custom Printed t-shirts can also be used  to commemorate a special event, like a family event, like a family reunion, like a bachelorette party, like a get-together party, or a hangout with friends? Do you have a spectacular T-shirt idea and suspect that others will fancy it? Are you looking for a stylish alternative means of promoting your business? Whatever your reasons, a branded t-shirt does it well.

Printandbrand provides customers with t-shirt branding services in Nigeria and we ship orders to our customers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Ibadan, Enugu etc. We offer services in the production of branded and promotional t-shirt for NGOs, SMEs, Large Organizations, Churches, Political parties, Schools, Campaign Organizations, Sport Team or Individuals. Our services go beyond just branding or customization, we can help you source the fabric or buy a quality-made t-shirt for branding. We can make available these fabrics or print on the polo or t-shirt any image, words or design you want imprinted or branded on it. Printandbrand has shirts in different styles, colors, designs and sizes. Our printing methods depends on what should be written on the shirt, which includes Flock and Flex printing, Sublimation, Screen printing, Monogram / embroidery and so on.

For enquiries on the price of t-shirt branding in Nigeria, t-shirt branding designs, t-shirt printing, promotional t-shirt, custom t-shirt and cost of branded t-shirt, Contact us at Printandbrand or call us: +234 916 214 7343


Using custom Printed t-shirts as advertising toolUsing custom Printed t-shirts as advertising toolUsing custom Printed t-shirts as advertising tool


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