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Pylon Signages in Nigeria

A pylon sign board is a freestanding sign that is usually supported by either one or two poles, and Printandbrand is the best in the manufacture of Pylon Signages in Nigeria. They are commonly made with an aluminum or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face. Information or messages can be displayed on either one or both sides.

Pylon Signages in Nigeria

Pylon signs are a good choice for your business, and they are different from other types of signage and what their benefits are. Pylon signs are often illuminated or backlit with LED or fluorescent lamps, however, they also can be left without illumination. You have probably heard of road signs, highway signs, freestanding signs, pole signs or just signage, however, those are other names that pylon is often referred to. Pylon is the technical term for this type of signage. People can decide to call it any of the names it is referred to, but a standing fact is that a pylon sign is a great way to catch the attention of passing traffic.


There are several great benefits to installing a pylon sign for your business, including:

Visibility: Considering its sheer height, pylon signs can be seen from a great distance, which makes them a wonderful advertisement for your business and a great tool for grabbing people’s attention.

Attractiveness: The large size of a pylon sign makes it a great canvas for beautifully portraying your company’s message, because they tend to be larger, you could find that you may have extra space to showcase images, logos and text without having to cram your design together.


Location: Strategic positioning helps to be noticed faster. A pylon can be placed where it will attract the most attention.


Printandbrand remains the leading pylon signage company in Nigeria. We specialise in shopping centre pylon signs, office park directional pylons, informational pylon signage, bank front pylon signage as well as petrol/service station pylons. We will start by carrying out a survey of the site, then put up a design of the pylon using our professional graphic designers. After we agree on the design, we proceed to build/fabricate the pylon according to agreed specification then we will transport and install the sign at the given location. We also advice on LASAA and if need be, get all the necessary permit you need. Finally, we will maintain your pylon. We are just a call away to fix light, change a sign or any latest banner stand and display as well as any other maintenance issue you require.

Printandbrand specializes in custom designed pylon signages in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria and it’s the leading Pylon Signage in Nigeria.

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