Promotional Logo Mugs in Nigeria

Promotional products are used to drive brand awareness and recognition. It’s a good way to announce brand presence. The best promotional tools to use are those that are useful and will be in use for a long time. It’s a proven fact that customers love to receive gifts and will willingly change their brand or try a new brand just because they got a gift. Promotional logo mugs in Nigeria can be used to achieve this effect. They are the perfect promotional promo product that won’t go away for a long time because of their various uses.

Promotional logo mugs in Nigeria have been around for a long time. Whether made from ceramic, stoneware, glass or plastic, mugs remain one of the most utilized promotional products. Promotional mugs are kept longer than any other promotional product much more than some of the newer, trendier, technology-driven promotional products like USB ports, portable chargers and cell phone pop up handles etc Every time a mug sits on a desk which they do often times, your brand is exposed and you get an impression. Your brand gets noticed and this a good marketing strategy since mugs are used every day. If it’s not for tea, coffee, or water in some cases it could be used as a pen holder or holding that beautiful flower. custom ceramic mugs are very popular and can be in forms of custom color coffee mugs


Mugs have a very low production cost and because of its low cost large quantities can be ordered and the more the order the more the level of exposure and awareness. Corporate logo mugs can be fully customized to represent your brand. They won’t pull up your promo budget yet they do the job perfectly well. You can make your high quality custom coffee mugs stand out, thus making your brand stand out using special branding effects from Printandbrand

Imagine personalizing promotional coffee cups with lids with the face or name of your best or most regular customer on one side and your logo on the other side, or a customer sipping his or her favorite beverage from a  branded mug, each time the mug is lifted your brand stands in his face. This can improve customer loyalty, generate new leads. As the customer goes away with the corporate mug with logo you have an opportunity to be visible to the customer’s contacts.

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