Product Branding in Nigeria

Product Branding in Nigeria

Branding is an important piece of any company or business. Just like there are many different types of brands, there are lots of different types of branding out there. Please note that Product Branding in Nigeria is not one-size-fits-all: the most effective strategies are highly personalized to the companies, groups and creators using them. That is because it is all about personality of the company.


A brand is basically a company’s personality; similarly, branding is the steps a company takes to express that personality. When branding a company is done effectively, such as T-shirt branding, it positions an organization, an individual or a movement as a leader in their fields and communicates to the consumers that it is the ideal choice for them and their lifestyle. It could even be a specific product that you are trying to brand, it creates a personality and puts it in a spotlight.


One of the key ingredients for awareness or advertisement is branding. Product Branding in Nigeria is a personality crafted to connect with audiences in a specific way. A brand is a collection of values and perceptions that the world has about an entity. Although, you carefully communicate your brand to the world, you do not have the final say on your brand: how the world perceives your branding and values they assign to you play into the equation as well. It works from both sides.

Creating a brand identity establishes consistency and defines your brand. As you develop your branding strategy, think about the places where your brand will take up space and be seen, either online or offline. Branding happens anywhere your brand is visible. For example, if your brand is visible online, then that is your space and that is where you will be seen, you therefore have to build an online brand. Ultimately, the goal of branding is to build a trustworthy strong, and unique identity that differentiates you from competitors and communicates to your target audience that you are exactly what they want.


There are several types of branding. Which kinds of branding should you be doing? Here are a list of 8 types of branding you need to know:

  1. Personal branding
  2. Product branding
  3. Service branding
  4. Retail branding
  5. Cultural and geographic branding
  6. Corporate branding
  7. Online branding
  8. Offline branding

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A corporate visual identity expresses the values and ambitions of an organization, its business, and its characteristics. It comprises all the symbols and graphical elements such as ID CARD & Lanyard BrandingOffice SignsRubber Stamp and Company Seal Making in LagosLogo DesignPrinting & PackagingBrochure DesignFlyer DesignBusiness CardStationeriesBook CoverPaper BagsLabel & Sticker DesignCalendar DesignIV CardsMagazine,  , Folder/File Design, and Diary design that express the essence of an organisation. And by far, corporate visual identity is the most visible and tangible asset in the armory of tools used by the majority of organisations in their interaction with the outside world. We provide a sterling corporate identity for our clients that boost their corporate reputation. We measure reputation visibility, authenticity, transparency and consistency, in order to capture the true essence of client’s brand identity.

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