Get High Quality and Affordable Banner Stand for your Trade Shows

Affordable banner stand can be a great way of making an impact and promoting your product or service to both potential customers and existing customers. They are often a popular marketing tool at trade shows or conferences and can also be a useful point of sale tool in store at your place of business. Banner stands tend to come in two types – roll up banner stands or pop up banner stands.

Roll up banner  is an affordable banner stand that is the most cost effective option for most businesses, and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

Your standard, everyday banner stand stands about 7ft tall and about 3ft wide. The graphic rolls into the base for extremely easy setup and take-down. High Quality

Your banner stand kit includes: (As illustrated in the image gallery above) Silver Aluminum base, Pole set (3-piece pole), Printed graphic banner (Already inserted) and Carry bag.


Take out the Silver Aluminum base and the pole set. Then insert the pole into the slot provided which fits easily on the top of the base.
Carefully pull out the already inserted graphic panel up from the silver base until its fully extended.
Hook the top of the banner stand to the standing pole inserted in the silver frame.
Your display Banner is now fully standing and ready for use.
To disassemble, gently release the banner from the standing pole set at the back. Do not release the graphic panel until its fully retracted into the base.
Care Instruction

Never bend or squeeze the graphics.
Use the supplied carry bag for transportation
The 3-piece pole is shock corded together and fits easily into the base.
Ensure the pole is firmly twisted and locked into position when assembling your banner.
Do not wipe the pull-up banner with any cleaning products.
Do not expose to excessive heat, moisture or direct sunlight
Graphic panel is replaceable.

High Quality Flex Banner Print

Banners are a great way of exhibiting your brand to both old and new customers. They are one of the most effective way to communicate at seminars, events, trade shows and conferences. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in different sizes, its comes in a matt or glossy material.

With our flex banner prints, we have eyelet finish and hemming finishing

Eyelet Finishing
Fastened around the edges or on the corners of the banner
Also the most popular and convenient way to hang a banner

Hemming Finishing
Edges are folded over and heat welded
Recommended for outdoor banners
Reinforces the sides to help the banner maintain its shape.

Mesh Banner Print

Teardrop flags are great outdoor signs because of their durability, weather resistance, and size. With print on both sides effective and visible from every angle. Available in different sizes and shapes.


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