This 3D Printed Drone Can Clean Your House

We automatically tend to link the concept of ‘drones’ with controversial war stories, but a Belgian team proves that this technique could also be used differently. Meet AirButlr, a 3D printed drone that is expected to be able to clean your house. A team is still working on the machine, but it will one day be capable of detecting dirt and using several cleaning materials to clean up the dirty places in your house. In other words: in the 21st century we don’t need the work of humans to make our cleaning work happen.


The machine will detect dirt, because it works with advanced sensors, batteries and motors as well as it will be using algorithms and high-level detection to make it happen. It will also be possible to operate the AirButlr yourself,  by using a smartphone application. This will enable users to command the AirButlr, after which the machine will clean up the place with the right cleaning materials. Interesting development, we’re curious whether this will become a big hit on Kickstarter or not. It could easily become something huge. Well, watch this video below to see how it will work

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