Dummy Cheque Printers in Nigeria

Dummy Cheque Printers in Nigeria

You probably have asked once or a couple of times, what are dummy cheques used for? That is a good question that deserves an adequate response. Well, real cheques are simply too small to read clearly and too valuable to be held in the open, in order to serve this purpose, dummy cheques are used. There are different occasions where a dummy cheque or dummy cheques can be used; they are great for competitions or price giving events where winners emerge and the amount of money won needs to be displayed. Similarly, they serve well in functions such as a fundraisers, our dummy cheques will do the job of revealing or showing amounts clearly, and at the same time represent your brands and donors. However, Printandbrand is the biggest Dummy Cheque Printers in Nigeria. From Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu, etc. Printandbrand  produces Giant Dummy Cheque For Awards.

Dummy Cheque Printers in Nigeria2

Our giant dummy cheques otherwise known as oversized cheques, mock cheques or giant cheques are ideal for presentation of cash prices and donation events. At Printandbrand we make exceptional promotional dummy cheques, and we are the best producers of promotional dummy cheques in Lagos, Nigeria. We print all kinds of giant cheques for presentation events or occasions such as charity fundraisers donation ceremonies, awards and prizes, as well as publicity events. They are mainly used at big events or large presentations. Giant dummy cheques are made of paper, mounted on foam and used for events, the reason we’re the best Dummy Cheque Printers in Nigeria.

Dummy Cheque Printers in Nigeria

The giant dummy cheques can come in different designs, we can make the design based on what suits you. We also make dummy cheques of different sizes, which depends on the number of people that will be present at the time of presentation. The location of the cameraman also known as the photographer is another factor that might influence the positioning of the people at the time of presentation. The ideal standard size for dummy cheques is 1.2m x 0.6m. However, the size of the venue, location and number of people are part of the determinant factors for choosing a dummy cheque size, considering the fact that, that is the purpose for the use of a giant dummy cheque.


A super-size, giant cheque for presentation creates the perfect opportunity for photographs. All you simply have to do is to choose your design and give your specifications.


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