Car Branding in Nigeria

Car Branding in Nigeria

Printandbrand provides customers with the best car branding services in Lagos, Nigeria at an affordable cost. Your business or company vehicle is very vital as an advertising opportunity. It creates first impression to potential clients and also as a reminder for existing customers. Car Branding in Nigeria is like having a mobile billboard. It advertises your brand effectively.


Printandbrand also provides customers with the Cost Price for Branding a Car and Bus which can enable for proper budgeting. Vehicle branding wraps have been known to boost a company’s name recognition more times than any other form of advertising. It will interest you to know that vehicle (car, bus, truck) branding in a commercially populated city like Lagos is an important feature of the visual identity of your business as passing motorists and pedestrians can easily recognize and notice a branded vehicle, and we offer both partial branding and full branding or wrapping. While a partial wrap implies anything short of a full wrap or on specific panels (i.e., bonnet and roof only), full wrap or branding includes the entire surface of the vehicle. Our fully removable vehicle wrap gives your car, bus or truck a completely new look while still allowing you the flexibility to go revert to the original colour at any stage. Wrap your vehicle and significantly increase the awareness of your brand.

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Other benefits of Car Branding in Nigeria are for versatility. A branded car or vehicle design can either be for a long term or short term. It can be replaced or updated. Brand consistency which is another key benefit of vehicle branding. It helps to unify a campaign look and feel of the image of the company. One other benefit which is profitable is that vehicle paint protection helps increase the market value of the vehicle, such that when it is ready to be sold there will be no hindrance related to the surface of the vehicle, because the paint will retain its newness. Car branding also has a fixed advertising cost, which is one of the things to be put into positive consideration.

Why should we be the ones to brand your car? Well, apart from the excellent market exposure you can get from our high-resolution car branding for your company automobiles, other benefits include wide range of graphic options, quick turn-around time, competitive pricing, expert design, and production.

Our high-quality products and installation ensure the same appearance and surface texture as a regular paint finish. Do not hesitate any further, give us a call today: +234 9162147343

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