BRT Advertising and Bus Branding

Did you know that amongst the various forms of advertising, BRT Advertising and Bus Branding is a very efficient medium to boost business name recognition and brands? Well, if you did not know, now you do. In Lagos, BRT bus advertising is a method of advertising in Nigeria that is mobile. It creates awareness for your business in a unique way and markets your product or name to a wide range of potential customers.

BRT Advertising and Bus Branding is an outdoor advertising which has proven to be effective and efficient considering the fact that a massive number of Lagos residents spend most of their time outdoor and in traffic, which creates an occasion for people otherwise known as potential customers to be aware of your business consciously or subconsciously.

BRT bus advertising is categorised as an ‘’in-transit’’ advertising which is very cost-effective and readily available for all kinds of businesses. Small and medium scale businesses that do not have the means to run several marketing campaigns can benefit highly from BRT advertising and bus branding as they are affordable.

Similarly, whether you are in retail business, hotels and restaurants, corporate or entertainment, BRT adverts remain the productive channel for targeting your audience. To gain the interest of your customers and eventually get their patronage, book a space now.

Printandbrand specialises in creating customized high-class designs for your displays which can add colours and branding which in turn attracts crowd. Printandbrand also usually takes care of LAASA approval at no extra cost, as every design requires LAASA approval before implementing BRT bus adverts.

BRT advert rates are highly competitive. For the cost of advertising on BRT bus with us do enquire for a quote now, as this form of advert is an aggressive and result oriented marketing strategy, for those hoping to rebrand businesses, launch new products or introduce new brands into the market. You can force new brands into the sub-conscious of the average residents of Lagos, as well as residents of Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri and so on. Religious organisations planning a convention/revival programmes can utilize this medium of creating awareness. This is also useful to publicize events such as concerts, shows and other activities. We handle both the exterior or body branding ad and the interior TV advert placement.

Printandbrand is the Best Bus Branding Design company in Lagos, Nigeria. They also provide the best school bus branding, car, truck branding, vehicle branding in Lagos, Nigeria. We also provide bus advertising in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar, Uyo, Benin City, Ibadan, Kaduna, and Warri, Nigeria. Recently, they did aeroplane branding for airline company.

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