Branded Corporate Gift Bags Ideas in Nigeria

Branded Corporate Gift Bags

Gift bags were invented by Francis Wolle. He was playing  around when he had an idea and started folding paper into a bag shape using origami. After some messy attempts he found a way to make it sturdy enough to hold an item. There began the idea of corporate gifts bags and subsequently branded  gift bags ideas in Nigeria.



Gift bag are beautiful gifts holders used especially during events.

Paper bags are very commonly used, this is because they are eco-friendly and will save the environment from pollution and are biodegradable and recyclable. However recently, creativity has seen gifts bags made of clothing like burlap, cotton and organza and as well plastic which takes a thousand years to decompose!


The founding of modern-day gift wrap industry in 1917 was credited to Hallmark and were introduced in 1987 Hall marks sales history puts that gifts bags have become customers no one choice since 2002. Corporate gift ideas have evolved since then to include branded gifts bags. Organizations love to brand their gifts bags which makes them promotional because they announce brand presence


Gifts convey messages of thoughtfulness, love and affection. The joy and happiness on the faces of the receiver brings joy or pleasure and satisfaction to the giver, a certain kind of fulfillment that cannot be overemphasized. Gifts also represents togetherness, I appreciate you, thank you, job well done. Gifts also speak of relationships for instance boss and employee, family and friends, colleagues at work and school and acquaintances.


Corporate gift bags also known as goodie bags can contain chocolates, cookies, candies, snacks these are more popular choices especially during children parties. Edibles which are wrapped in a very decorative style enhance the visual appeal, and so are a favorite with kids and adults as well.

Branded Corporate Gift BagsBranded Corporate Gift BagsBranded Corporate Gift BagsBranded Corporate Gift Bags

Corporate Gift bags more readily accommodate odd-sized and odd shaped gifts this saves you the hassle of trying to make a gift fit into a box.

Corporate gift bags which are also promotional  can contain small promotional items such as key rings and pens, note pads, clothing. Plastic bags are more durable they can be used all year round despite the condition. These factors are what makes gift bags and personalized paper bags an ideal choice for handing out at corporate events and conferences. During some social events like weddings or birthdays where the celebrant may be under budget and may need cheap gift items in Nigeria, a list of gift items in Nigeria may be requested for which will include cheap souvenir ideas in Nigeria


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