Top Notch Small Business Promotional Items in Nigeria.

Small Business Promotional Items in Nigeria

Nigerians love gifts and discounts and we stand out as one of the gifting companies in Nigeria That has the capacity to give Your growing business Small Business Promotional Items in Nigeria at affordable price  .  To give your business  an uplift in the area of customer satisfaction it will help to add small business marketing items to your marketing strategy.

Are you In search of cheap promotional items with no minimum to promote your small business? You are in the right place. Whether you are in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and you are looking for small business promotional items and souvenirs in Nigeria, you can contact Printandbrand.

Some of the cheapest souvenir in Nigeria are available at Printandbrand, your customers won’t despise these rather they’ll find them memorable in addition to that , At Printandbrand, we make custom promotional products for small businesses like yours. With the reasonable  experience we have in making promotional items for small businesses we have a lot of branded gift ideas that are guaranteed to wow your business clients and customers in 2022;

 We have come up with the top 10 small business promotional items in Nigeria.

  1. Branded Fancy totes: Get a custom tote bag if your customers are more ladies. Brand this promotional item with a logo or add your company’s slogan. See examples of branded tote bags with logos below.  branded fancy totes
  2. Branded cup: This is one of the best promotional items for marketing your brand. It is not specific to any gender, and your customers will value them.
  3. Branded face caps: Here is another beautiful yet affordable promotional item for small businesses. Face caps are cute and also super affordable.
  4. Branded Umbrella: We cannot have a promotional items list without including umbrellas. They are also affordable. See samples below.
  5. Branded T-shirts: Branded T-shirts as promotional items are popular amongst brands. They are great for Promo gifts because small businesses cannot afford to make so many. Note that the shirts must be made from high-quality material, and the branding should be neat. See what we do for our clients.
  6. Branded Water Bottles: Another small business marketing item that does the job is branded water bottles. Everyone uses it and carries it around everywhere. This makes it a great promotional item for small businesses.
  7. Branded Keyholder: If your business is looking for a low-budget promotional item i.e souvenirs and gifts, consider giving your customers a branded keyholder. See what we did for our customers.
  8. Branded books/ Jotters: Everyone uses books and jotters now and then. Let your branded jotter/ book be what they see when they need to scribble down something. See samples below.
  9. Branded sports pack: This is another small business promotional item in Nigeria that is not common but highly effective in retaining your customers. It is not gendered, as everyone can use it.
  10. Branded kitchen items: Are your customers ladies? Then you should seriously consider this as a marketing item for your small business. See samples below.


Small Business Promotional Items in Nigeria

If you are yet to consider adding branded gifts to your marketing strategy, plan with your team to get started.

At Printandbrand, we deliver the best souvenirs from Nigeria and our services are affordable, contact us for corporate branding for brands and businesses in Nigeria +2349162147343 or mail us.

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