Pop-Up Banners Available

Pop up banners, also known as roller banners or pull up banners are extremely popular display solution. They are a really great tool for advert. One of the reasons people love them is that they are very easy to assemble and break down. They are also easy and lightweight to transport using carry case. Pop up banners can be used in quite a variety of ways. They can serve permanent use in offices. They can be used in places such as banks, hospitals, schools etc.



Pop up banners are very popular especially for trade show display in trade show events, to make splash and announce your presence at trade shows, conferences, in-stores events or exhibitions. Pop up banner are great for informational purpose as well. The pop up banner display and other displays get their name from their ease of set up. The collapsible frames pull apart, or ‘pop up’ in few moments. The display comes with a banner attached to the frame, making it quick and easy to set up and use for all types of promotional events from trade shows, to press conferences, events, weddings, birthdays, launching events and more.


The pop up banner display has a user-friendly design and is versatile. There are also various options of materials to choose from; quick fabric displays range from vertical banners that are great traditional banner stand alternatives with just an ease of a setup, no stress, no difficulty and high class impressive graphics, to wider displays that serve as trade show back-walls and press conference backdrops.


Pop up banners are extremely more than a cost-effective marketing tool that can look that can look great. As earlier noted, pop up banners are very easy to assemble. Similarly, pop up banners are very durable. The durability is something to also consider in choosing it as a marketing tool. The printed vinyl used to print on is extremely durable and designed to last. The base of a pop up banner is also very strong and provides additional support to the whole stand. The frames of most pop up banners are some form of aluminum, which means that it is a two-way advantage tool in that it is light for transportation or mobility and strong and sturdy when on display.


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Pop Up Stand Price in Nigeria 2022

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