3d printing service in Nigeria

3d printing service in Nigeria

The market for the 3d printing service in Nigeria is growing with the rest of the world albeit slowly, as forbes estimated that in 2021, the 3d printing business reached an estimated revenue of $10.6 billion (https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelmolitch-hou/2022/04/25/three-areas-holding-back-the-106b-3d-printing-industry/?sh=7bd55cdf4935), this might be due to the increase in precision, repeatability, and material range the 3D printing service has reached (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_printing) as it is possible to scan object for 3d printing. These 3d printer filaments include: pla filament, abs filament, nylon filament, prusa filament, pva filament, sunlu filament, metal filament etc.

3d printing is simply the process of making a physical object from 3d print model.

This involves several processes (https://medium.com/@riyamehta9001/breaking-down-3d-printing-the-basics-f8609e24f95a):

3D Printing Services

Printandbrand offers wood 3d printing service, as well as 3d printing training in Nigeria, 

Types of 3d printing

  1. Fused Deposition Modeling – the FDM printer: Material extrusion 3d printing (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17452759.2019.1708027) can offer one of the cheap 3d printing service as they are the most common. The 3d filament spool is loaded into the 3d printer and fed in the extrusion head to the printer nozzle.

Then the printer pushes the head along different directions, layin down the material until it cools down & does this each time with layer by layer

  1. Stereolithography – the stereolithography 3d printer: This is the first type of 3D printing technology invented and the SLA printer use mirrors (galvanometers) that aim at a laser beam across the vat of the resin, solidifying the cross-section of the object until it’s built up layer by layer
  2. Digital Light Processing – dlp printer: the dlp 3d printer use a digital light projector/light to build up an image by flashing it until it’s constructing layer by layer through the light. Dlp printing is more time-efficient than stereolithography printer since the entire layer is exposed all at once, instead of stereolithography printers that trace the entire cross-sectional point of the object with the laser
  3. Selective laser sintering – SLS printers use a high-powered laser to fuse small particles of thermoplastic powder.

Depending on the requirements and cost, the most popular 3d printers include: Prusa i3 mk3, resin 3d printer, snapmaker 2.0, voron 2.4, artillery genius and flashforge adventurer 3 which are excellent choices for best 3d printer for beginners, biqu b1 3d printer, anet a8 which is at the low end of the pricing range being the best 3d printer for small business, and finally, the creality – owned ender series: the creality ender 3 and ender 6.

The 3d printing service in Nigeria is still very young however, but it is steadily growing, as more local businesses look into 3d printing ideas, in several fields such as healthcare 3d printing companies, 3d food printing companies, aerospace 3d printing companies etc have increasing interest in 3d printing business both locally and internationally.

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